Dr Agnieszka Besiekierska
advocate with several years of experience in the field of communication technologies Find out more about Agnieszka. Agnieszka provides the following services:

IT contracts
-contracts for the development, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, contracts for outsourcing IT functions,
– preparing, reviewing and negotiating, comprehensive legal services for IT projects carried out in waterfall and agile methodologies,
– in the case of existing contracts, assessment of the chances of effective redress. CONTACT              

Internet services and ecommerce
– comprehensive legal assessment of the business model, preparation of general terms of service for users / clients and documentation related to the protection of personal data,
– preparing, reviewing and negotiating contracts with suppliers of IT solutions, CONTACT

– implementation of obligations resulting from the so-called cyber laws, covering the implementation of a security management system in the information system used to provide a key service, giving opinions and negotiating contracts with entities providing cybersecurity services CONTACT

– tailor-made for lawyers and non-lawyers, regarding the legal aspects of new technologies CONTACT

Other areas
any other areas, if we come to the conclusion that it will have a measurable value for you CONTACT