About Dr Agnieszka Besiekierska

My name is Agnieszka Besiekierska and I am a lawyer dealing with broadly understood information and communication technologies law. I represent an interdisciplinary approach to consulting – I have the ISO 27001 lead auditor qualifications, knowledge and certificates in the field of project and service management (Prince2 Foundation, Agile PM Foundation, ITIL Foundation). Most of all, I am lucky that my work gives me a lot of satisfaction and joy.


I have been gaining experience for over a dozen years, cooperating with renowned international law firms, advising smaller and larger business entities from various industries, including internet, telecommunications and IT solution providers. I prepare and review contracts, advise on current matters and large innovative projects. I have a wide range of experience: I had the opportunity to deal with broadly understood contract law, telecommunications law, Internet law, competition law, personal data protection, copyright and industrial property rights. Recently, cybersecurity has been the subject of my professional interests. I am happy to provide more information on the matters on which I have worked. Of course, with respect for my professional secrecy.


I have fond memories of my education, school and law studies in Szczecin, and, above all, doctoral studies in Germany (Rostock). The fruit of the doctoral studies was a dissertation on „The impact of changes in circumstances on the performance of an obligation under German, Polish and English law and the emerging European contract law”. During my three-year stay in Rostock, I also completed postgraduate studies (LL.M.) in international economic law and as a doctoral student I represented the University of Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court in Vienna. In 2018, as part of broadening my horizons, I completed postgraduate studies in project management at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Sharing knowledge

I am happy to share my knowledge in the area of ​​my interests in numerous publications (recently as an editor and co-author of a commentary to the act on the national cybersecurity system) and conducting workshops on the legal aspects of agile methodologies, artificial intelligence, or the impact of new technologies on the legal industry.

Women in new technologies

Working in the technology industry gives a real impact on the shape of the future world. I regret that there are still few women active in this area. For years, I have been supporting the Perspektywy Foundation, which encourages women to leave the circle of sterotypes and open up to new professional challenges.


I also feel fulfilled in my private life. I am a happy wife, mother of two wonderful children: a daughter and a son.